LumRisk Star

Ready to invest in QIS? LumRisk Star is designed to let you flexibly access additional powerful LumRisk platform functionalities as your QIS investment activities evolve.

LumRisk Star offers three distinct service tiers, allowing you to tailor the LumRisk toolbox to meet your exact requirements:

Silver Package

The Silver Package is the most comprehensive product for pre-trade analysis, encompassing all the features of LumRisk Light, with additional capabilities, including:

• Our Portfolio Construction module (back-tester, optimizer, PCA analysis, factor analysis)
• Index performance contribution
• Downloading of data and reports from the platform (1).

Gold Package

Building upon the Silver Package, the Gold Package provides the capacity to create and manage portfolios of QIS indices on the LumRisk platform, enabling portfolio risk analysis over time and custom stress testing. Users have the flexibility to upload vector weights, reflecting allocation changes.

(1) Please note that some features require access to position-level data (i.e., full index transparency), which is subject to approval from each index’s issuing bank.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is the most comprehensive package for both pre-trade and post-trade analysis. It includes all the features included in the Gold Package plus:

• Our Portfolio Performance module, which allows users to analyse the performance of their QIS portfolios over time.
• Portfolio maintenance by LumRisk. LumRisk collects trade and allocation information directly from the banks, and updates user portfolios daily.

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