LumRisk Light

Just starting out on your QIS investment journey? Our free entry level product, LumRisk Light, is tailor-made for those taking their first steps.

Free Access to Powerful Analytics and Rapid Portfolio Simulation

Get free access to a subset of LumRisk’s powerful analytics and test drive the extensive performance analysis, risk analysis and portfolio simulation capabilities of our platform. It has all the essential features you need to understand and assess the potential of QIS strategies. LumRisk Light’s powerful toolbox will take you from initial exploration of our database of 5,000 bank-based QIS indices(1), through index selection and portfolio simulation (2).

You’ll get results for even the most complex scenarios in less than 10 seconds, and you can quickly filter and focus on the results that are relevant for you using LumRisk Light’s clear and intuitive thematic dashboards.

(1) Access to indices requires prior approval from index providers.
(2) LumRisk Light restricts functionalities related to saving, updating, and downloading of user-simulation data and results, which can only be viewed on-screen.

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