LumRisk One

Enjoy the most comprehensive access to the LumRisk platform’s extensive set of features.

Full Unlimited Access to the LumRisk Platform

LumRisk One provides unlimited access to the LumRisk platform with no direct cost to the user(1) . Platform costs are covered by the banks whose QIS indices are included in the user portfolios when trades are executed.

LumRisk fees are based on the aggregated swap notional across all QIS indexes in your portfolio(s). Some banks may pass these fees back to their clients by wrapping them into their swap costs; other banks may absorb LumRisk fees.

(1) Certain ancillary or tailored services and access to external data sources requested by the user may give rise to direct charges by LumRisk

LumRisk Operational Support

With LumRisk One, LumRisk provides full operational support for the onboarding and maintenance of user portfolios. LumRisk liaises directly with QIS providers to ensure daily updating of your portfolios.

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