Insurance Company

Risk consolidation for Solvency II regulatory reporting

The challenge

The insurance company has multiple subsidiaries, each holding and managing separate asset pools.

Each subsidiary invests through specialized mandates, investment funds, and direct positions.

The company holds over 10,000 underlying positions in all.

The insurance company could only calculate its Solvency II risk capital requirements once a year, due to its global custodian’s cumbersome, time consuming and error-prone process.

Our approach

LumRisk set up direct monthly data collection of all underlying data from all managers and over 100 investment funds, and streamlined data cleaning, normalization, and risk modelling.

We now produce, with a high degree of accuracy, monthly consolidated performance analysis reports, and quarterly datasets used by the client in its reporting.

The group treasurer can seamlessly perform detailed analysis at all levels of aggregation, such as mandates, funds, pools, subsidiaries or the consolidated group.

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